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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

The Training....

Body Karma Studio is pleased to offer comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training. This journey is designed to create confidence in leading various style and level classes. Topics include, teaching asanas, the history of yoga, meditation, breath work and serving special populations. As you move through the training, you’ll build on previously gained experiences to help you reach your goal. We also include CPR and First Aid certification, to keep yoga teachers ready for anything.

The goal of this training program is to produce qualified and inspiring yoga teachers who can draw on their practice and personal discipline in imparting the yoga experience to others.


Body Karma Studio is dedicated to delivering all that yoga has to offer to our community. By sharing your passion for yoga, you too will empower people by supporting physical, mental and emotional health, facilitating authentic personal expression, building supportive communities, and inspiring positive action to contribute to others.


The Details...

Our one year training meets the last full weekend of each month, starting  September 2021 to August 2022 (skipping December). Saturday classes will run 12:30 to 6:30 and Sunday classes 10:30 to 4:30.


The cost for the course is $3200 that does include all of your books/manuals, journal/notebook, CPR, First Aid, professional head shot photograph  by John Lee, certificate of training  completion, and a few other goodies along the way. Installments payments are accepted, with a $500 deposit before the first class. The entire balance must be paid in full before the last class, and is not refundable.

We also offer a referral program, each person you refer to the training you would receive ten free classes (over a $100 value) at Body Karma Studio.

Please call Jess for an appointment to learn more about the training and register at 860-237-0989.

Next Class Starts September 25, 2021

Remember, every journey begins with a step; if you don’t take the first step…you’ll never reach your goal.

What our 2020 graduate, Paula, has to say.....

To those of you interested but hesitating to sign up for Yoga Teacher Training, like I was, I would strongly urge you to do it. Sign up and do it! I knew I wanted to dig deeper into yoga for multiple reasons but I worried about the money, the time commitment, the homework. Once I signed up, those worries were gone (well maybe there were a few Friday nights I worried about homework!). Jess has an amazing ability to meet you were you are. She is so creative in how she helps you grasp the wealth of information, that in a what is a relatively short amount of time you learn so much. Alumni had told me that this was life changing. I wasn’t sure about that, but now I would agree. It obviously changes your understanding of the practice and history of yoga, but it also builds confidence as well as changes your approach to life, all while forging great friendships with your fellow teachers. Again I say just do it!

What our 2018 graduate, Teri, has to say.....

"I highly recommend the Yoga Instructor training with Jessica Demers at Body Karma Studio. It was an incredible year! Jessica led us through the journey guiding us by teaching the key aspects in a relaxed and kind environment. We each had our own learning style and were encouraged along our individual journey while at the same time being challenged to be our best. I feel that my yoga journey was deepened and strengthened and my inner confidence grew tremendously. Thank you, Jess.

A Note on Yoga Alliance....

While we believe our teacher training exceeds all standards established by Yoga Alliance, we have chosen to not to affiliat with YA and do not register our training for one simple reason: while it may appear that Yoga Alliance is an accrediting agency, it is not, but is rather a voluntary registry; nothing more. In order to register a training with Yoga Alliance, a school submits their proposed curriculum and pays a fee. However, YA does not provide any oversight over their registered schools to ensure that the curriculum is adhered to and the standards are being met, nor do they provide any professional credentials for teachers. There is no such thing as a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher or Yoga Alliance Certified School; Yoga Alliance provides a logo that Registered Schools and Registered Teachers may elect to use for marketing purposes.

In our opinion, the lack of oversight by Yoga Alliance and illusion of an accrediting agency has adversely impacted the quality of trainings and allowed many students to graduate programs without the education necessary to teach safely or earn a living from teaching alone. If YA ever provides an instrument of oversight to guarantee that schools are fulfilling their commitments to their students, as well as an assessment tool to determine that certified teachers have the knowledge and ability required to teach yoga safely, we will reevaluate our position.

If you search the YA teacher directory for teachers in our area you will discover that the vast majority of working teachers in the region are not registered. We have offered our training since 2016 without Yoga Alliance affiliation, and 100% of our students who have sought teaching opportunities have found teaching positions in studios, hospitals, gyms, YMCA's, and schools. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Yoga Alliance registration, please feel free to contact Jessica Demers, our program director.

Copy written by Erin Kipe Klemme

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