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Jessica began her wellness journey in her early 20s. Using yoga to find relief from headaches and enjoying the camaraderie of group classes she cultivated her personal practice for several years. While still teaching preschool, Jessica sought her first group fitness certification with Zumba Fitness. She continued her fitness education gaining specialized Zumba training, yoga/meditation certification, as well as, personal training certificate. Opening Body Karma Studio in 2013, Jessica hoped to help educate the community about the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and a healthy lifestyle. Since opening Jessica has loved having the opportunity to work with people of all ages and abilities in the studio, hosting off site classes for school groups, churches, festivals, and summer yoga classes at Hammonasset to hundreds of yogis. Jessica is now seeking to educate future yoga instructors with a comprehensive 200 hour yoga instructor training that expands the Body Karma Studio yoga community. In addition, Jessica volunteers for many organizations in the community, in 2016 she was honored by the Clinton Chamber of Commerce with the Citizen of the Year Award for her volunteer efforts. In her spare time Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband Joel, step-daughters Emma and Abby, as well as, her wheaten terrier puppy Sully.



Kris has been in the Fitness and Wellness field for over 15 years, beginning as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and eventually concentrating on inner core strength,  balance, flexibility and centering. She believes in maintaining the connection of Body, Mind and Spirit, and designs her classes in such a way as to promote this connection through movement and breathing. In addition to her work here at Body Karma, Kris does wellness coaching and teaches Zumba in the Old Saybrook community. In her classes and counseling, Kris helps her cients develop core strength through inner intensity, working from the "inside out". She also loves to dance, and is currently studying tap and ballet.



After a lifetime of struggling with various medical situations which have caused disruptions to regular exercise routines, Brita has found yoga to be a place of consistency and joy. Allowing each person to find their own way on their mat, fills her with gratitude for a practice that embraces everyone with all their strengths and struggles. Brita is a 2021 graduate from the 200 hour yoga teacher training program at Body Karma Studios. Find your way to your mat (or chair) and let’s discover what you can do.



As a yoga training 200 hour certified instructor through Body Karma Studio in Clinton CT under the guidance of Jessica Demers, Jean is excite to teach vinyasa flow style yoga with guided imagery. Her classes are accessible to all, focusing on alignment and the mindful movement through the flows to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Jean believes that a strong body is a healthy body which helps to relieve stress and enhances peace of mind, which improves quality of life particularly as we age. Jean has been practicing yoga for 20 years, and now, as a senior citizen, she knows firsthand the benefits of regular practice. No matter what your age, it is never too late to start yoga!

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Marjorie has always strived to lead a spiritual, connected and grounded life.  Her life’s work has been working with individuals to feel whole, inspired and connected.  She is a youth counselor and community builder, an artist and an essential oil educator.  Holistic modalities and practices have always been something she has been drawn to, intrigued and guided by.  It seems that yoga would have been a natural and central part of her life, yet, it wasn’t something she explored until recently.  After dipping her toes in with Jess at Body Karma, she was hooked!  While just a beginning yoga student, she enrolled in the 200 hour certification course and has never looked back!  Marjorie meets people where they are, honors and celebrates individuality and appreciates the opportunity to connect with and guide others in their own journey.  In her spare time, Marjorie enjoys time with friends and family, being outside, gardening and creating.   

“We are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.” Peter DeVries



Yoga has been an inspirational part of my life for the last 15 years. For more than 10 of those years I had my personal practice before becoming certified as a yoga instructor with Jessica at Body Karma Studios in 2020. My practice primarily
consisted of yoga flow, but through my certification journey I delved deeper into other methods and became familiar with Yin and Restorative. I felt instantly connected and completed my certifications in those approaches as well. There are so many wonderful poses and methods of yoga that I love to combine and design something just for you. My classes focus on breath work for centering, asanas for deep openings and a peaceful and restorative savasana with the goal to have you leave class feeling renewed and restored. I look forward to the possibility of sharing a class together with you.



Martha began her yoga practice over 15 years ago at the insistence of her mother, who was already well aware of the benefits of a regular yoga practice.  Unconvinced, Martha attended her first class with the sole intention of appeasing her mom.  However, she left the session enamored and extremely eager to return.  This prompted her development of a regular weekly practice. Over the years, Martha joined a multitude of classes and fell more deeply smitten with yoga.  While the physical component counteracted hours trapped at a desk, the spiritual aspect reminded her of, and granted the permission to, be a tad selfish by taking the time she needed on her mat in order to obtain balance in an all too hectic world.  Convinced by Jess, the owner of Body Karma Studio in Clinton, and her parents, Martha recently completed her 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor Training at Body Karma Studio. Eager to share her love of the journey, and taking inspiration from all of her previous and current instructors, Martha aims for classes that flow, develop strength and flexibility while supporting proper breathing and alignment.  Her objective is to provide, and foster, a non-judgmental environment where students feel safe to explore their potential, free from comparison to any other individual and the only limitation(s) placed on them is that of their own creation.

“Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change.  As you build strength, you start to believe in your own potential.”  -Tanya Cruikshank

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees,:  – B.K. S. Iyengar

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Teri Stanwix completed the Yoga Instructor training in 2018 after practicing for a few years under the guidance of Jessica Demers. Teri’s life journey brought her to yoga by way of the recommendation of a physical therapist. The wellness from the connection of mind and body in the practice of yoga has kept her on the mat! Teri sees the practice of yoga as an enhancement to the journey of life. It has offered her the opportunity to reconnect mind, body and soul and she in turn offers that to her students. We are all at different points in our journey of life and that is true of our yoga journey as well. Yoga offers us a path to connectedness-this is something to embrace!



Kate has been a fitness professional for 20 years, the last six of which she has spent at the Valley Shore YMCA as the Group Exercise/Wellness Director, instructor and Personal Trainer. For the last 3 years, She has been working as an instructor for Prive Swiss Fitness as well as teaching for various Senior Centers in the Shoreline area. Kate began her professional fitness career shortly after her children were born, in Boston, MA with Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women, a large urban fitness center with 4 locations throughout the Metro-Boston area. She began working for them as a part time instructor before very quickly taking over full-time as the Group Fitness Director for two of their busiest locations, Porter Square, Cambridge and Boston’s Back Bay. Kate spent the next 5 years learning the business by managing the Group Exercise Program for these two locations before she and her family decided to relocate back to her native CT. “I absolutely LOVE what I do. My goal as an instructor is to always deliver classes that are safe and effective, challenging and fun, but which also meet each participant where they are on their fitness journey at the moment with the hopes of helping them reach their
goals. Making Fitness a part of your daily routine is hard work and it takes a strong drive. If I can make fitness challenging AND fun, I can help people commit to a healthier lifestyle. “In 2017 Kate was accepted as a Master Trainer for Savvier Fitness in their Tabata
Bootcamp and Tabata GX programs. Other certifications include: AFAA for group fitness, NASM for Personal Training, Yoga YTT 200 hours, Peak Pilates Mat 1, Tai Ji Quan - Moving for Better Balance (Tai Chi), Barre Above, Yoga 1 and 2, Les Mills Body Pump, MOSSA Group Strength, Urban Rebounding and many more.

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MaryBeth is a lifetime fitness enthusiast, but fairly recent convert to yoga.  At age 50, a friend invited her to a yoga class, and she was hooked.  She had always loved high-impact, high-energy fitness classes, but found that yoga brought a welcome and necessary balance and flexibility, both physically and mentally, that was missing in her exercise routine.  Learning to practice mindfulness on and off her mat have been transformative, helping MaryBeth balance the demands of working with the pressures of life as a single mom.  


After 5 years of practicing yoga, she decided she wanted to expand her knowledge and practice and become certified to teach. She discovered Jess and Body Karma, and graduated from the 200 hour YTT in 2023.  She is thrilled to join the Body Karma family and excited to continue her journey as a teacher and help students discover the joy and balance that a yoga practice can provide.  She strives to provide well-balanced classes, that are challenging physically but provide a mental reset from the stresses of everyday life.



Stephanie has been a student of yoga for most of her life and instructing for over a decade. She began her yoga instruction as a way for young women to find empowerment, confidence
and autonomy over their own bodies through mind-body connection and movement. Now, Stephanie continues that passion with the intent that everyone, no matter age or gender, can benefit from this practice. In her body mechanics informed and trauma informed way of instructing, Stephanie assists
students in tapping into their incredible and innate ability to move, be still, breathe, and adapt. With her Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and background in person training, Stephanie has a comprehensive and unique understanding of the human body that makes movement interesting and fun! Yoga is a staple of Stephanie’s day to day life and has transformed her from the inside out. In fact, she used her yoga practice to assist in rehabbing a fractured back injury and always says that it was her mindset that changed first and allowed her to move forward, rediscovering movement and body awareness. Body preservation is Stephanie’s goal, and she is always happy to meet you exactly where you are.

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Liz started her yoga practice a few years ago to improve strength and flexibility. Over the years, Liz has grown to love yoga and it has become her main fitness activity. She
recently completed the 200-hour certified instructor through Body Karma Studio in Clinton CT under the guidance of Jessica Demers. Yoga is beneficial for stress reduction through its breath work. Liz has worked as a nurse for many years and found that the mindfulness of yoga has helped tremendously in keeping her focused. She has a particular interest in the mind body connection and how breath and movement aids in decreasing stress. I love practicing in a nonjudgmental environment, not being concerned about perfection but having the asanas accessible and I look forward to sharing this with others.

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