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Feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Having trouble reaching or getting started on a goal?

Need someone to just be in your corner?

Set up a free discovery with Jess.

Coaching helps you explore what you want and need, helps you become more focused and organized, and transform your dreams into reality. Jess will help you create a plan using bite sized goals and help you stay motivated and on track.


Coaching sessions include various modalities including vision boarding, listing, meditation, mindfulness training, and more. All coaching is done on an individual basis, with plans that are tailored to your needs. Coaching sessions are confidential, held in a comfortable, safe environment. 

Explore the possibilities and manifest the life you crave!

To schedule call/text Jess today 806-237-0989 to begin achieving your dream!

Health, Wellness, Mindful, and Life Coaching With Jess
Nourishing yourself in a way that helps

What is coaching...

Life coaching is about analyzing and closing the gap between reality and dreams.

It is a process that focuses on the discovery of your goals and is based on a holistic approach that involves planning and action in several spheres of your life.

A life coach will ask you key questions that help unlock potential and offer clues to your inner motivation and beliefs, and help to  make decisions that pave the path towards the realization of dreams. Life coaching also works to ensure follow through on commitments to a better life and become accountable for your actions.​ 

Life coaching is a gradual process, whereby a life coach helps someone to dig beneath the surface of thoughts and beliefs and helps you understand internal obstacles to your success and wellbeing.

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Words from a client......

"Before I signed up for  Jessica's life coaching at Body Karma Studio, I had been to doctors, a psychologist and even a shaman trying to figure out my life and why I was so depressed and confused.  She was awesome. The time she took to sit and listen to me with our meetings both in person and on the phone helped me to change my life. Her daily inspiring texts kept me on track as well. Jess taught me different techniques both for my mind and body. The only part that the shaman that I saw before hand got right was that she told me there will be someone to inspire me and change my life - it was Jess."

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Words from a client......

"I started a health coaching session with Jess about 3 months ago. I was looking for a lifestyle change where I could get in shape and lose weight . Jess's realistic approach to dieting really helped me set reasonable goals . I was able to eat healthy without depriving myself . Jess would consistently  check in with me and offer meal planning suggestions , motivational quotes and exercise tips. I'm happy to report I've lost 15 pounds and am able to fit into clothes I haven't worn in years . More importantly, since I've made a lifestyle change I now feel like I can continue to reach new goals going forward ! Jess's uplifting and funny personality really made this process enjoyable . I highly recommend this to people with all levels of health and lifestyle goals!"

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